Frequently Asked Questions

Before Your Event


Rental Fees Exceeding $750: Upon signing, one-third of the Rental Fee is due to World Forestry Center. You must pay the remainder of the Rental Fee no later than 30 days before your event date.

Rental Fees Not Exceeding $750: The entire Rental Fee is due to World Forestry Center upon signing.

Damage Deposit: The Damage Deposit is to be paid no later than 30 days before the event date.

Payment Failure: World Forestry Center may terminate your contract or decline to rent the premises to you if you fail to pay the Rental Fee or Damage Deposit.


You are required to use one our approved caterers for your food and beverage needs; we do not allow self-catering. World Forestry Center does not have on-site catering; however, we have established good relationships with many competent caterers in the area who are familiar with our facilities, rules, recycling, and cleanup requirements.

Our Full Service caterers can also help with linens, decorations, and other equipment.

You will contract for your food and beverage needs directly with the catering company. World Forestry Center is not responsible for the caterer’s services or performance under your contract. Confirm with your caterer that they will remove trash and recycling at the end of your event.

Preparation of Space

World Forestry Center will provide and set up tables and indoor chairs according to the floor plan determined by you and your caterer and submitted no fewer than seven days before the event. Minimal changes may be made at our discretion if the final floor plan violates local fire codes by inappropriately impeding access to exits or emergency equipment.

For events located in Miller Hall or Cheatham Hall, World Forestry Center may provide basic audio and visual equipment at your request. We will not, however, provide on-site Audio or Visual Technicians for the event.

We do not provide linens, silverware or tableware, outdoor chairs, copier services, or office services.

Additional last minute or day-of event changes to the floor plan, including adding equipment, may be subject to a fee.


Cancellation by client: If you cancel your event more than 30 days before the event date and the rental fee exceeds $750, then WFC will retain as a cancellation fee one-third of the Rental Fee. If you cancel your event more than 30 days before the event date and the rental fee is less than or equal to $750, then WFC will retain as a cancellation fee the full rental fee. If the event is canceled 30 days or fewer before the event date, then the full rental fee will be retained by WFC. The damage deposit will be refunded to you if you cancel your event at any time before the event date.

Cancellation by WFC: Our staff may cancel the event if we determine that providing the premises as originally anticipated on the effective date may jeopardize the safety of those attending the event or otherwise on the premises. You may reschedule your event at a mutually-agreed date and time. If we cannot agree to a rescheduled date and time, then World Forestry Center will return the Damage Deposit and paid portion of the Rental Fee to you.

Building Information

Our campus includes multiple buildings. Please indicate on your invitations the building in which your event is to be held (e.g., World Forestry Center Miller Hall). A-frame sandwich boards are available for your use. We encourage you to make at least two vertical weatherproof signs that are 24”x 36” directing people to your function. These signs may be taped to the sandwich boards. Do not tape any signs over our Private Event signs.


Client will provide and maintain the following insurance coverage for the event.*

General Liability Insurance: Client agrees to provide general liability insurance in an amount no less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence, covering the event and naming World Forestry Center and the City of Portland Parks and Recreation Bureau as additional insured. The certificate holder should read as follows: World Forestry Center and City of Portland Parks and Recreation Bureau, 4033 SW Canyon Road, Portland, Oregon 97221.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance: Required if alcohol is being served at your event.

Workers Compensation: Only necessary if required by law

* Due to the nature of the event, World Forestry Center reserves the right to increase the limits and add coverage as we see required.

Parking and Transportation

The City of Portland monitors and enforces parking within Washington Park, which has a pay-by-space meter system in place. Encourage your guests to take advantage of the MAX Light Rail station that comes right to our campus. The MAX park-and-ride lots are generally available evenings and weekends. For more information call TRI-MET at 503-238-RIDE or visit their website at

You can also visit to learn about overflow parking shuttles, transportation options, and general park information.

When planning your event, please be aware that special events such as Zoo Concerts and other peak times can create parking shortages. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis to all people visiting any of the institutions. We cannot reserve or guarantee parking for any events. In order to make access to your event as convenient as possible, we may be able to suggest advantageous starting times for your event. We also suggest the following:

  • Check the Oregon Zoo calendar to see if they are planning special events that might conflict with your event.
  • Encourage guests to car-pool and use public transportation.
  • Use the few parking spaces available behind your event building for caterers and others.

During Your Event

Rental Time

Building access time is determined on an individual basis and is listed on your contract. Ending time for all events is no later than midnight. End times differ for the Discovery Museum and Fountain Hall rentals.

All changes to the event date, access time, start time, end time, departure time, or event scope must be approved in advance by World Forestry Center in writing. Changes requested fewer than 30 days before the event date may result in additional Rental Fees.


You may not use the following items on the premises:

  • Fire-related products such as fireworks, sparklers, tiki torches, and candles
  • Nails, push pins, tacks, staples, Velcro, duct tape, self-adhesive strips, or any other substance that could damage the wood walls
  • Confetti, glitter, helium balloons, rice, birdseed, or chalk

If rose petals are used outdoors, they must be cleaned up by the end of the event. No rose petals are to be used indoors.

No decorations may obscure fire beacons, emergency signage or pathways, lighting, or EXIT signs.

Music and Permissible Sound Levels

It is your responsibility to make sure noise levels do not exceed the permissible sound levels set by the City of Portland. Please refer to this City of Portland website for sound level details.

Amplified music is not allowed on the Central Plaza, or anywhere else outside on the World Forestry Center campus, after 10pm.


All deliveries must be made between the access time and end time for your event. You must be present to sign for all deliveries. World Forestry Center employees will not sign for any client deliveries.

Use Restrictions

No use of the World Forestry Center premises may be conducted that would result in:

  • A public or private ‎nuisance that may disturb the quiet enjoyment of others on or near the property
  • Any use of the property that is reasonably determined to be an improper, unlawful, or objectionable use, including the storage, or preparation of materials generating an objectionable odor.
  • Noises or vibrations that ‎disturb others on or near the property.

Neither smoking nor the use of tobacco or cannabis is permitted at any World Forestry Center facility.

No portion of any passageway or exit door may be blocked or obstructed in any manner and no exit door shall be blocked, hidden, or bolted from the inside while World Forestry Center’s facilities are in use.


Events that go past 6:00pm will require after hours security provided by World Forestry Center at an additional fee.

Depending on event type, World Forestry Center may also require clients to provide professional security personnel.

After Your Event

Rental Closeout

Confirm with your caterer that they will empty trash and recycling at the end of your event. You must:

  • Remove all property belonging to you or your guests from the premises, including all equipment and decorations
  • Discard all garbage and recycling into the appropriate cans and dumpsters
  • Move all tables or other World Forestry Center equipment inside the building
  • Turn off all ovens, burners, lights, and other equipment, and lock all doors and other entrances to the premises
Lost Property

World Forestry Center will not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or abandoned.

Deposit Refunds

After your event, World Forestry Center staff will inspect the premises and surrounding grounds. If the Premises and surrounding grounds have been returned in a neat, clean, and undamaged condition, then we will refund your Security Deposit within 30 days. If the premises or any surrounding grounds have been damaged or have not been restored to a neat and clean condition, then we will notify you and deduct the Security Deposit by the cost of restoring the Premises or surrounding grounds. In the event of excessive damage, you may be charged additional fees for repairs.