Our Future

Forestry is a human issue.

Many of the most urgent challenges that we face as a society today depend on the health and management of our forests. The good news is there are proven solutions. But, while there is growing awareness around the urgency of these challenges and building scientific consensus, we have yet to see the public will and the actions that our forest and communities need.

We envision a future in which everyone connects forest health to their own well being.

Wildfires will be more restorative and less catastrophic thereby saving lives, jobs, habitat, and reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.
The market will encourage the widespread adoption of more innovative, sustainable wood technologies.
Society will provide the public will to drive sustainable, long-term public and private funding of forest solutions.
People and forests will thrive together in balance.

World Forestry Center has been assembling the key ingredients to create a more sustainable forestry future.

Our community includes forestry professionals who understand what needs to change on the ground. Our history and mission are focused on engaging the public in the forestry conversation. And our campus is located at a global epicenter of the forestry conversation.

Reimagining Our Campus
to Embody Our Vision

There is power in place. Our 5.5-acre campus in Portland’s Washington Park has the potential to be a vibrant cultural center that can catalyze change.

We are collaborating with innovators in mass timber, sustainable architecture, and experience design to transform our campus.

Explore the renderings below to see what we are imagining.

We Can’t Do This Alone

We are still in the early stages of this ambitious vision. But we already know we can’t do it alone. Continue supporting our work as we expand our community, empower new voices, and drive the actions that create healthier forests and a healthier society.

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