What’s Inside Our Museum

Visitors can appreciate stunning Northwest regional architecture, watch documentary films in our Forests of the World theater, and explore society’s connection to forests in a variety of exhibits.

Located in Portland’s beautiful Washington Park, our 20,000-square-foot Discovery Museum has something to engage visitors of all ages.

First Floor Exhibits

The first floor focuses on the many roles that forests play in our lives. View the forest as a habitat, a place for recreation and reflection, a critical resource, and more.

The Future of Forests

How are you connected to forests? Possibly in ways you didn’t realize. This new exhibit explores society’s connection to forests and asks for your feedback on World Forestry Center’s vision for the future. Check it out!

Black bear taxidermy

Animals in the Forest

It’s estimated that 80% of the world’s animals call the forest their home. Our indoor Pacific Northwest forest is home to a variety of animals. See how many you can spot!

Timberjack Harvester in Museum gripping a tree trunk.

Timberjack Harvester

Sustainable forestry requires careful harvesting and some advanced technology. Climb aboard a Timberjack Harvester just like a professional forester. Then try your hand at operating one in our custom simulator.

Second Floor Exhibits

Much of the second floor takes a global perspective, exploring how people around the world are connected to and dependent on their local forests.

Three people on a jeep with an elephant projected onto a screen in front of them

Take a Journey

Embark on a whirlwind virtual tour of the world with stops in Siberia, China, South Africa, and Brazil. Learn about the four forest types (boreal, temperate, sub-tropical, and tropical) and meet people working to keep their countries’ forests sustainable.

Our World’s Forests

A huge world map highlights forest types and how different regions use their local forests. Artifacts and hands-on displays provide context on wildlife, forest values, and meeting human needs.

Some of the 150 wooden plates on a wall, showcasing the Langdon Plate Collection.

Langdon Plate Collection

The incomparable beauty of wood is on display through this collection of 150 wooden plates created by James Porter Langdon, a local woodcarver and retired forester.

Leadership Hall

Our Forestry Leadership Hall commemorates those who have contributed to the social, economic, and environmental benefits of forests. More than 200 leaders have been in inducted since 1971.

Wooden sign to the Forestry Building

Old Forestry Building

The origins of World Forestry Center date back to the Old Forestry Building from the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition. Photos and clippings about the “World Largest Log Cabin” tell the story of the building’s beginnings and its destruction in 1964.

Campus Highlights

Peggy the Train framed by trees

Peggy the Train

“Peggy” is a beautiful 42-ton Lima Shay-geared locomotive who has hauled an estimated billion feet of logs in her lifetime. Visitors are encouraged to climb aboard and explore!

Petrified stump

Petrified Stump

Visitors to World Forestry Center are invited to examine the five million-year-old, 10,000-pound petrified stump on display outside the Discovery Museum.

Seeking Donated Tickets for Your Fundraiser?

World Forestry Center is happy to support other organizations who are working to help further a social cause or provide a public benefit. We can donate two 4-person passes to our Discovery Museum (valid for eight people and a $40 value) to your fundraising efforts.

To pick up your donated tickets, please visit the museum front desk Wednesday through Sunday from 11am-4pm with a letter detailing your organization’s mission and fundraising efforts. (Unfortunately we’re unable to mail tickets at this time.)