Diversity, Equity, Access, & Inclusion at World Forestry Center

How we manage our forests impacts all of us…

World Forestry Center commits to practices and programs that elevate diverse voices, promote inclusiveness, and improve equity, both within our organization and in our community. This is central to our mission and essential to our daily work.

We acknowledge that many people and their voices are under-represented in forestry both nationally and internationally. We understand that barriers of discrimination and economic and social exclusion remain. We believe we must dismantle these barriers, celebrate our individual differences, and seek a shared vision of healthier forests and healthier communities.

We will pursue strategies to improve representation, access, and outreach by allocating time and resources to create opportunities to do this work, both internally with our staff and board, and externally by collaborating with our partners and engaging organizations beyond our existing network.

World Forestry Center Strategic Diversity Plan

For more information on how we are proceeding with this essential work, please see a summary of our Strategic Diversity Plan.