Spring, Indeed

We at World Forestry Center are enjoying a special spring as we emerge from almost two years of limited operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are hosting and participating in more in-person events and experiences and continuing to improve our programming.

This summer, we will reopen our Discovery Museum to the public for the first time since March of 2020. (More about that on the next page). In addition, this September, we will welcome forestry professionals back to our campus for our first in-person Who Will Own the Forest? (WWOTF) since 2019.

While we are returning to normal operations, this organization has been changed by the events of the last two years – and much of that change has been a good thing. For example, in producing two virtual WWOTF events and the 2021 Wildfire Series, we built new virtual programming expertise that will allow us to continue to produce hybrid and virtual events and content that can reach audiences far outside the four corners of our campus.

In addition, we have improved how we can fulfill our mission of creating and inspiring champions of sustainable forestry and produce more public benefit for our forests and our communities. The best example is our 2021 six-week Wildfire Series, Adapting to the Era of Megafires, which was instrumental in galvanizing support for wildfire reform in Oregon. World Forestry Center has supported wildfire reform discussions in recent years, including hosting the OSU Fire Summit in 2018 and a number of meetings of the Oregon Governor’s Council on Wildfire Response in 2019 and its subcommittees.

Supporting these discussions has been a watershed experience for World Forestry Center, and we are committed to continuing to produce programming through events and experiences that more effectively educate and engage the public and professionals to create a more sustainable forestry future. Stay tuned for more developments throughout the coming year.

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