Staff Voices: “What Connects You to Your Work?”

We asked a selection of World Forestry Center staff members to share how they connect with our mission.

“Born and raised in Oregon, I enjoy showing people what is unique and special about my home state. World Forestry Center’s campus, with its beautiful park-like forested setting, provides the perfect Pacific Northwest experience for visitors and locals alike.”

Angie Garcia
Event Services Manager

“My family instilled in me a deep love and respect for the natural world. I have spent countless hours recreating in the Western U.S. and my appreciation and understanding continues to grow with each year. This connection is the reason I committed my career to conservation, and I am thrilled to be a part of the World Forestry Center team.”

Erin Deleissegues
Development Associate

“I connect to World Forestry Center through a shared vision of applicable sustainability solutions and how those decisions impact our natural environment. Having previously worked in forestry restoration, I am aware of the challenges and opportunities that face, not only the timber industry, but forestry in general.”

James Bailey
Property Maintenance Technician

“Watching a project come together from start to finish is very satisfying. We just wrapped up this year’s Who Will Own the Forest? and being involved in all of the many elements that the conference encompasses – from sponsor outreach to video production to marketing – I’m very proud of the work that my colleagues
and I have accomplished.”

Vivian Bui
Professional Programs Coordinator

“I am driven by work that I know is tangibly making a difference, where I’m placed
in a position to connect with others. As Executive and Program Assistant, I enjoy fostering connection across departments, and between staff, external partners, and campus visitors.”

Maddie Rosser
Executive and Program Assistant

“I think forestry issues are everybody’s issues and, since starting my new
position as Director of Experience, I have gained so much more awareness
of how the health of our forests is directly tied to the health of our communities.”

Tim Hecox
Experience Director