World Forestry Center

We envision a society that values and takes action to support the economic, ecological, and social benefits of forests.

Help us make that vision a reality.

Major forces are shaping our future and the future of our forests.

Crowded Street

Population Growth

In the last 15 years, the world’s population has grown by over one billion people.

Devastation from flooding

Climate Change

Nature is not behaving the way that it has behaved in recent history, and it is affecting everything – from how we invest our money to how we live our lives. 

Raging wildfire image

Catastrophic Wildfire

Unprecedented catastrophic wildfires in the last decade threaten the economic, ecological, and social values of our forests.

Three young professionals sitting around computers

Demographic Shifts

Tectonic generational shifts are happening. Where people live, what people buy, or who leads our organizations, companies, and governments – each sends ripple effects across our society and our forests.

Mass Timber

New technologies are changing the way we interact with the natural world. Buildings are being constructed more quickly and with fewer people involved. 

Now is the time to harness these forces to create healthier forests and communities.

As a trusted resource in the forestry space, World Forestry Center has a strong foundation upon which to build a healthier forestry future.

For over half a century, we have been at the intersection of people and forestry.

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We have programs that drive problem-solving by forestry professionals.

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We create events and experiences focused on the interdependence of people and forests.

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We steward a place that creates and inspires a community of sustainable forestry champions.

This is a multigenerational effort.

You can make a transformational impact on the future of forestry and society.