Grandchildren’s Garden of Miller Hall

Green grass lawn, cement patio, trees in background, buildings

The family of Harold A. Miller had a vision to improve the functionality, intimacy  
and beauty of the Miller Hall grounds to help steward a place that promotes  
sustainable forestry champions. 

The name “Grandchildren’s Garden” honors the legacy of Harold and Miller Hall  
in supporting future generations of World Forestry Center patrons. 

World Forestry Center thanks the following donors for their thoughtful and generous gifts: 

Page & Seth Evans
Clara & Matthew Evensen
Kathryn & Chad French
Amy M. Graham
Bobsy & Leo Graham
Harold A. “Andy” & Bernie Graham
Karen Graham Swensson & Ed Swensson
Mark & Kim Graham
Caroline Stimson Lilley
Charles & Denise Lilley
Douglas F. Lilley
Elizabeth J. Lilley
Joanne M. Lilley
Melissa McLoud Lilley
Theodore R. Lilley
Sarah Miller Meigs & Andrew Meigs
Andrew W. Miller
Catherine M. Miller
Chalmers & Roxanne Morse
Stimson Lumber Company
Hank Swigert
Madeleine & Frank Torresy
World Forestry Center Board of Directors