2019 Annual Report

From our current vantage point, 2019 feels like it was years ago,
not mere months.

COVID-19 has changed our society irrevocably. The global pandemic and resulting quarantine have quickly reshaped so much of our lives and have created the opportunity to envision a new future.

As we reflect on World Forestry Center’s growth and evolution last year, we feel the hope building.

As you will see in this Annual Report, we spent 2019 advancing our mission – to create and inspire champions of sustainable forestry – while laying the groundwork for increased relevance and impact in the future. World Forestry Center is now poised to accelerate and amplify our impact, both locally and globally.

The world may have changed, but a sustainable forestry future is as important now as ever.

2019 Annual Report Front Page
Wooden Discovery Museum with blue sky and sunshine

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