Expanding Horizons through Art and Community-Driven Programs

At the heart of World Forestry Center’s work is the idea that creating a more sustainable forestry future is about motivating people to engage in the forestry conversation. Lots of people.

For too long, too few people have felt connected to, and therefore been willing to take action for, forests. But, with your support, we are working hard to bring more folks into this conversation. Inside this edition of the Evergreen, you can read more about some of our current and upcoming programs focused on that goal:

Multi-Sector Fellowship Program – Our cross-sector program is bringing ten emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds from ten sectors into the forestry conversation.

Obscurity: Life Inside the Smoke – An upcoming art exhibition explores wildfire smoke through new works by six Portland-area artists and invites new audiences to consider their relationship to smoke and fire.

Who Will Own the Forest? – World Forestry Center’s signature timberland investing event brings leaders in forestry, finance, wood products, and carbon to Portland to explore the current dynamics affecting the management of and investment in forests and how we can create a more sustainable forestry future.

But we cannot do this work alone. We rely on donations from our generous community of supporters (again, it is about people).

Make a gift today to support World Forestry Center’s efforts. Together, we will expand our community and drive the actions necessary to create healthier forests, and, in turn, a healthier society.

With appreciation,
Joseph A. Furia
Executive Director

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We rely on donations from our generous community of supporters.