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Executive Director Joe Furia of World Forestry Center
Joseph A. Furia
Executive Director,
World Forestry Center

At World Forestry Center, all our work is based on the belief that how we manage our forests impacts all of us. We know that to create a healthier future for our forests and our communities, we must shift the way society understands and interacts with forests. Forests must be a social priority.

In order to build the public will that drives action, we need to expand our audience and empower those new to the conversation.

With your support, World Forestry Center can do just that and build the public will that supports real, meaningful sustainable forestry solutions.

In 2022, we accomplished a tremendous amount.

  • We welcomed the public back to a reopened Discovery Museum, complete with new exhibits focused on urgent forestry issues;
  • We hosted public and private events that brought together diverse coalitions and fostered exciting new partnerships;
  • We produced virtual and in-person programs that amplified new voices and reframed forest issues as social issues; and
  • We expanded our network of supporters, partners, collaborators, and donors.

We are so proud of what we’ve achieved but know that there is more work to do. To continue these efforts at scale, we need your support.

This holiday season, your donation to World Forestry Center will set a powerful example of what’s possible over the next 50 years. Together we can drive the transformative actions necessary to build a healthier future for our forests and our communities.