Staff Voices: What Connects You to Your Work?

We asked a selection of World Forestry Center staff members to share how they connect with our mission.

“I have always cared deeply about the environment and wanted to inspire others to do the same. Here at World Forestry Center, I get to work with like-minded people and engage with the public to spread awareness about the issues our forests face every day.”

Abbey Rahier
Event Services Liaison

“I am a simple person and enjoy putting in a hard day’s work. As part of our Facilities team, I enjoy that I can be outside and work with my hands. I am fascinated with systems, tinkering with tools, and being around nature.”

Benji Vuong
Facilities Technician

“When I moved to Portland from the east coast, I knew I wanted to continue working as a museum professional. I previously worked at a historic house museum. And, while preserving the past and its objects is important, it’s even more important for me to make this planet better and more sustainable for ourselves and future generations”

Chris Davalos
Visitor Services Lead

“I grew up in a concrete jungle in Houston and never knew what a forest was like until I came to visit Portland twenty-seven years ago. The experience was so profound that I knew I had to move here. But it’s not enough just to live it in. We all must learn how to take better care of our forests.”

Kristen Fierros
Executive & Programs Assistant

“Combating climate change will require the combined mobilization of resources and people from all walks of life. World Forestry Center is working to be a nexus at which these diverse conversations and collaborations occur.”

Sara Wu
Professional Programs Director

“As Communications Director, I love seeking out and sharing new human-centered stories that connect people and forests. It’s gratifying to learn all the ways forests impact our lives and to know I could be introducing someone else to a new idea or perspective.”

Tyler Quinn
Communications Director