Support the Future of our Forests

Executive Director Joe Furia of World Forestry Center

Friends of World Forestry Center,

For over 50 years, World Forestry Center has connected people to forests. This work is more important today than ever before, and your support helps make it possible.

Many of the most urgent challenges that we face as a society today depend on the health of our forests. Some are not new: clean air and water, sustainable wood products, stable rural economies, and affordable urban housing. But the demands of population growth and the urgency of catastrophic wildfire and climate change have made it even more clear that our well-being is tied to how we manage this critical natural resource.

World Forestry Center is rising to meet the moment. Over the last year, we have amplified stories on and solutions for catastrophic wildfire, engaged forestry and non-forestry experts in public events and experiences, explored new models and partners for our Fellowship Program, produced world-class virtual professional programming, and began the work necessary to re-open our campus.

Together, with the support of our donors, we are empowering our communities to engage in the forestry conversation.

I am excited about what we have planned for the coming year. We are hard at work designing new exhibits that highlight forestry’s most urgent challenges and empower the public to demand practical solutions. We are expanding our community by collecting and sharing compelling forestry and human stories. And we are developing bold, new ways to engage audiences on issues that lie at the intersection of forests and society. We rely on the generosity of supporters like you to make this work possible.

Our vision for the future – in which the public connects their own well-being
to investing in creating a more sustainable forestry future – is ambitious.
And it depends on your leadership now to help bring it to life.

Your generosity will help shape a healthier future for our forests and our communities.

With appreciation,