What if we valued forests like our future depended on them?

Many of the most pressing issues we face as a society today — climate change, public health, housing shortages, access to clean air and water, and the escalating frequency of catastrophic wildfires — are directly tied to the health of our forests. Forest management impacts everyone, but the people most affected have traditionally not been part of the forestry conversation. At World Forestry Center, we are working to bring those people into the conversation to build public will and drive action.

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World Forestry Center is creating new pathways and entry points for people to understand how our forests and our communities are connected while motivating them to act in support of a healthier and more sustainable future.

Our Fellowship Program empowers community leaders from multiple sectors to spread our sustainable forestry mission far and wide. Our timberland investing conference brings new audiences together to explore the unique role markets can play in forest sustainability. In our Discovery Museum, we’re using art exhibits paired with science and storytelling to illustrate viable solutions and invite new audiences to learn more and take action.

Our ability to produce these programs and exhibits depends on the support of a network of donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers. We cannot do this work alone. We need your help.

When you support World Forestry Center’s programs, you make a real difference in our ability to produce programming that brings more voices into the conversation, welcomes new people to the table, and shapes the next generation of sustainable forestry champions.

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Joseph A. Furia
Executive Director

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