Who Will Own the Forest 2021

In 2021, World Forestry Center’s signature timberland investing event returns with four live-streamed two-hour episodes. Like last year, the virtual episodes will include pre-recorded speaker panels, live Q&A, and multiple breakout sessions.

Featured Topics

While the 2021 Agenda is still in progress, below is a preview of some of the topics we’ll cover.

Implementing ESG Strategies: How Two Leading TIMOs are Responding to the Challenge

Interest in “ESG” investing has grown, but investors and managers continue to struggle to define it. What does ESG investing mean? What are the organizational and operational priorities that must be implemented to achieve ESG goals?

Developing Paths to Equity

Federal land settlements and agricultural policies are providing some funding for programs to help minority groups reclaim forestlands. What are some of the challenges addressed by these innovative programs to help redress Black land loss? How can they promote sustainable landscapes, timber management, and economic return?

Investing Big in Carbon: Can Forests Compete?

Global capital sources are mobilizing to address climate change at a scale not seen before. With forests representing nearly 75% of the total global natural climate solutions opportunity set, what do these new capital inflows mean for the forest sector?

Innovation and Disruption: An Update on the Dynamic Mass Timber Sector

The Mass Timber industry, much like the rest of the construction and wood products sectors, has had dynamic year – from the fall of early innovative firms to the rise of new firms, from skyrocketing supply costs to manufacturing cost savings. But with mass timber buildings going up from Arkansas to Oregon, what’s clear is that mass timber is here to stay.