Wildfire is Everyone’s Issue

Executive Director Joe Furia of World Forestry Center
Joseph A. Furia
Executive Director
World Forestry Center

Fire season in the Western U.S. is following an increasingly catastrophic trend for our communities, our wildlife, and our forests. The good news is there are answers on how to adapt to these wildfires, grounded in science and shaped by decades of experience. Our government has started to act and adjust our systems to this new era of megafires, including here in our home state of Oregon. However, the scale of these efforts remains overshadowed by the need. Adapting to this new era of megafires will require broad public engagement.

Everyone has a stake in the health of our forests and addressing wildfire

World Forestry Center believes that by amplifying the voices of those who are impacted by wildfire but have not yet been part of the conversation, we can move beyond just awareness of these issues to create the momentum necessary for meaningful change at the scale that this crisis demands.

We moved forward with this work this past spring with a virtual, six-part public series on wildfire. (See page 4 for more on Adapting to the Era of Megafires.) But this series is just the beginning of a much longer-term effort. Planning for more virtual and in-person programming is underway, but we cannot do this work alone. We need donations from supporters like you to help us deliver innovative experiences that deepen the public’s engagement with forestry.

We received a new boost of energy with the recent hiring of our Experience Director, Tim Hecox thanks to the support of the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust. (Meet Tim on page 8.) He is building upon our 50-year legacy to create programs and experiences that educate and empower the public to take action on the most pressing forestry issues. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this work.

We cannot wait to welcome you back in person to shape the future of forests together. For now, your donations help us conduct our virtual programming
and prepare for new and engaging in-person exhibits and experiences.

Together, we are building a force for social change that will provide lasting benefits for our communities and our forests. 

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