At Home Forestry Education Resources

Stuck at home? No worries. You can still learn about forests and forestry.

We have pulled together some of the best online forestry education resources out there. With recommendations for every age group, we are confident any at-home learner will find something to expand their forestry knowledge.

Resources for Kids

Resources for Adults

People examining wooden cross cut display

Resources for Kids

National Environmental Education Foundation

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) is dedicated to lifelong environmental learning. NEEF has a variety of resources available for kids, teens, and adults to learn about their connection to the environment. These resources include toolkits, activity guides, and lessons about things like water quality, tree identification, and back yard pollinators.

Natural Inquirer

The Natural Inquirer creates science educational programs for Pre-K through High School. They design their programs in cooperation with organizations such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association (CFAIA). The Natural Inquirer focuses on scientists, their research, and introducing students to scientific journals.

Arbor Day Foundation  

The Arbor Day Foundation is a conservation and education nonprofit focused on the importance of trees and their roles in global issues. They have fun and educational games and activity sheets designed to teach kids about different aspects of trees like leaf identification, photosynthesis, and tree life cycles. It’s a great resource for parents and educators.

Oregon Forest Resources Institute

Oregon Forest Resources Institute works to promote public understanding of forests and forestry-related issues. They have a wide selection of forest-based educational resources for educators and students. The curriculum is inspired by Oregon’s relationship to forests and forestry and human reliance and connection to forests.        

Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree uses forests and trees as the focus of its environmental and conservation education for Pre-K through High School. Project Learning Tree has a curriculum for teachers and activities for families to learn at home. They provide fun and educational activities for students such as guided forest walks, backyard tree projects, and soil experiments.

United States Department of Agriculture

The U.S. Forest Service provides a learning resource for Grade 3-8 students to familiarize them with forests and our important connections to them. The resources encourage students to build a connection and foster thoughtful engagement with forests. They provide a series of lessons with varying learning goals and objectives that are scalable for different ages.

USDA & Ad Council         

The USDA and Ad Council provide an interactive website for families to explore forests in their backyard and across the country. They provide interactive activities to learn more about forests and resources for forest recreation and conservation.

Tree Conservation Resources

Can you imagine a world without trees? There would be no shade, no trees full of birds singing wonderful songs, and nothing for kids to climb. Without trees, the world would be a very different place. Here’s a collection of conservation resources by the folks at Topiary Tree.

Children and Nature Network    

Children and Nature Network is dedicated to promoting the benefits of outdoor and nature-based learning for children and providing equitable access to nature. They have compiled a list of activities for families to do together to keep kids engaged and interested in the outdoors while learning about the importance and fundamental role the natural world plays in our daily lives.

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Resources for Adults

OSU Home Lecture Series            

The College of Forestry at OSU is putting on a free public lecture series (held virtually). Professors and students will present their work on various forestry topics followed by a Q + A. The lecture series runs every Thursday through May 2020.

Starker Lecture Series   

The Starker Lecture Series held by the Starker Family, OSU College of Forestry, and Oregon Forest Resources Institute is an annual event discussing a key forestry topic. The OSU video archive provides access to previous years presentations and resources.

World Forestry Center Hagenstein Lectures

The Hagenstein Lectures is World Forestry Center’s very own event series. Co-produced with the Society of American Forestry, the lectures focus on identifying and providing a forum for young leaders in forestry, policy, and conservation. The goal is to amplify these innovative voices and facilitate conversation between foresters and the public.

Oregon Forest Resources Institute          

Oregon Forest Resources Institute works to promote public understanding of forests and forestry-related issues. Their online publication library hosts trusted resources about a wide variety of forestry topics for children and adults.

International Society of Arboriculture    

The International Society of Arboriculture’s website provides resources for home and tree owners. This resource benefits home and tree owners by educating them on the importance of trees, proper tree maintenance, and a guide to professionals in the field.

Finnish Forest Foundation, Finland’s Foresters’ Foundation, & Mikko Häyrynen, Tapio

This short film was produced by the Suomen Metsäsäätiö, the Finnish Forest Foundation; Metsämiesten Säätiö, Finland’s Foresters’ Foundation; and Mikko Häyrynen of Tapio, a Finish forestry consultant. Finland is one of the most forested countries in Europe. This film showcases the importance of Finland’s forests and the people who love them.

OSU Tree School              

OSU will be offering their one-day Tree School in an online version in order to accommodate COVID-19 best practices. They are transitioning this class into a 15-week series of webinars from experts on key topics.